Miles for the week: 10+ (2/2/1/5+)
No stats on the long run
Weight: 120
Resting heart rate: 48
Fitness test: 44

I did the resting heart rate & fitness test while I was asleep (woke up & put on HR monitor, then dozed), so those are the best possible numbers! Long run was yesterday, during the Diabetes Walk that I help organize. We made at least $12,500 this year, which is just amazing! The walk is two miles out and two miles back on a rails-to-trails type path, mostly flat, and I did it twice, running at least 5 miles and walking the rest. (Did it twice because traditionally I bring up the rear to make sure no-one is left stranded on the trail). A lovely day, a little chilly and overcast but eventually the sun came out. Good place for wildflowers, including trilliums–only place I’ve ever seen them.

It’s definitely much harder for me to pace myself when there are other people around, which is why I think I’d prefer to train entirely by myself. (A friend who also runs said he and his running buddy, who live in Montrose, would be up for entering the marathon if we all trained together–would I be willing to drive to Montrose for the long run?–and I said I’d think about it). I’m a classic introvert–basically friendly & sociable, I like most people, but I need to recharge my batteries with alone time because being with people drains me. And training is enough of a time committment by itself–I don’t want to add in driving time plus the inevitable socializing time afterwards. I’d enjoy it, but it would really kill the whole day. Give me “the loneliness of the long-distance runner”…

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