It’s official!

This week I will be live in the National Kidney Registry and ready for algorithmic matching! I had my 8-tube blood draw last week. My coordinator said the West Nile virus finally came back negative and I’m 100% official even though I haven’t gotten the letter yet. I have no blackout dates for surgery so I have maximum flexibility for building a chain and since type B is on the rare side, I could get the call very soon. I was reading up on the last few years of NKR quarterly reports and the length of kidney chains has been dropping – I think because the algorithm is working so well, we just need more donors! – so I’m prepared it might only be 2 or 3 kidneys total, but that still helps, and somebody still comes off the list who wouldn’t otherwise get a live kidney. I told my boss and she was very supportive. Now I’m working on the email I’ll send family once I have a surgery date. !!!

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