Kidney nicknames: Captain and Tennille

It’s a thing to name your kidneys, as I discovered on the Facebook donor group, and I wanted to participate because I’m a sucker for that kind of thing.  It took a while to come up with mine – I was leaning towards “Wheeler and Woolsey” after flirting with “Castor and Pollux,” but those were too obscure. Captain and Tennille was a last minute joking suggestion from Jonathan and I jumped on it. Then he warned me “They got divorced” but hey, mine are splitting up too! Wikipedia says they stayed friends and that Captain (Daryl Dragon) had end stage renal disease… I’ll keep him, hoping to change his outcome, and send Toni Tennille off to help someone else.

As a project while waiting for a match, I started assembling all the nicknames I could find mentioned. If yours isn’t on here, let me know!

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